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THE BIBLE is the Most Important Book

The BIBLE is the most important book because it is the true, living HOLY WORD of GOD.  The Bible tells us that “GOD-breathed” or inspired through the hearts and minds of the people who wrote the BIBLE.  There is no other book like the HOLY BIBLE.  It contains 66 books, written by different people over approximately 2,000 years.

The BIBLE is the Living, Active Word of GOD.  It’s full of real true-life stories of adventure, kings, queens, angels, prophets, good people, bad people, love, songs, prayers, letters and even predictions of the future.

The Greatest Story of all in the BIBLE is about JESUS, GOD’s one and only Son — who came to earth to save the world.  The BIBLE is GOD’s special love letter to us!

Pray:  Thank you GOD for Your special love letter to us, The BIBLE.  Help me to study, memorize and obey what you have said.

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